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Recycle your shoes

When your MINNA MINNA or Minna Parikka shoes have taken their last steps, you can return them to us for a €50 credit so that our Spanish partners can reuse them to make future MINNA MINNAs.

We hope you’ll wear your MINNA MINNAs for as long as you can. Please ask a professional shoe mender if anything can be done to extend their use. If not, here’s what to do:

1. Send your worn out MINNA MINNA or Minna Parikka shoes to our warehouse and remember to include your name, email address, phone number and street address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other brand’s shoes or copies.

2. Once our team has processed your shoes, we’ll email you a store credit that can be used to buy a new pair of full-priced MINNA MINNA shoes from our official webstore. Please note that only one 50€ credit can be used per order.

3. Your worn out shoes will be given to our partners in Spain, who will remove any metal parts and then grind the rest into small particles to create a new material that can be used as an upper or footbed material for future MINNA MINNA shoes.

Warehouse address:
Tulliportinkatu 55
80130 Joensuu