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Minna is a popular first name in Finland that has its roots in “love and protection”. In Japanese it means “everyone”. MINNA MINNA marks Minna Parikka’s second coming as a designer.


The heart of all MINNA MINNA shoes are their recognisable soles, inspired by conservative pearl necklaces and street cred classics. The result is a collection of wearable, contemporary footwear that transcends the seasons. The chains on the soles represent togetherness, sisterhood and chain reactions. The MINNA MINNA double heart icon channels self-love, love for others and love for Mother Nature.


Our shoes are made from 96-99% natural and recycled materials. If you want to know exactly what you’re stepping into, every pair of MINNA MINNA shoes includes a full list of what’s inside them.

Most shoes are made with a mix of plastics, heavy metals and toxins that make them hard on the planet and the wearer. MINNA MINNA makes expressive shoes that are comfortable, long-lasting and as free from all the nasty stuff as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to make shoes that are 100% plastic and toxin free. And we will, just as soon as component manufacturers are able to offer alternatives that are up to the challenge. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking for materials and manufacturing processes that are durable, ecological and better for the planet. Today, MINNA MINNA shoes are made with chrome-free leather and without unnecessary toxins. Our shoes are approximately 95% plastic-free, using the bare minimum needed to guarantee the longest life for each pair.

Designing beautiful shoes is the easy part. Making them is tricky. We know that’s not enough, but we’re doing more than most.

All MINNA MINNA shoes are made in Spain with long-term trusted partners who share our commitment to changing how shoes are made.

When your MINNA MINNA or Minna Parikka shoes have taken their last steps, you can return them to us so that our Spanish partners can reuse them to make future MINNA MINNAs.


Minna Parikka is the mother of MINNA MINNA. After 15 years spent building the successful Minna Parikka shoe brand known for its celebrity-loved Bunny Ear sneakers, she’s ready to reinvent herself as a designer. She lives with her daughter in Finland, a home base from which she explores the world.

With over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, she’s had enough of all the plastics, heavy metals and harmful toxins used to manufacture luxury shoes. She aims to change that. 


When your MINNA MINNA or Minna Parikka shoes have taken their last steps, you can return them to us for a €50 credit so that our Spanish partners can reuse them to make future MINNA MINNAs.

We hope you’ll wear your MINNA MINNAs for as long as you can. Please ask a professional shoe mender if anything can be done to extend their use. If not, here’s what to do:

1.  Send your worn out MINNA MINNA or Minna Parikka shoes to our warehouse  and remember to include your
name, email address, phone number and street address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other brand’s shoes or copies.

2. Once our team has processed your shoes, we’ll email you a store credit that can be used to buy a new pair of full-priced MINNA MINNA
shoes from our official webstore. Please note that only one 50€ credit can be used per order.

3. Your worn out shoes will be given to our partners in Spain, who will remove any metal parts and then grind the rest into small particles to create a new material that can be used as an upper or footbed material for future MINNA MINNA shoes.