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Sisterhood Dust

Sale price325 €

96% from natural and recycled components
4% virgin plastics

A cross between a sneaker and a Mary-Jane shoe, SISTERHOOD marks the debut of MINNA MINNA’s new shoe collection, featuring custom natural rubber soles with a distinctive pearl chain -like detail. Taking inspo from classy women and street style, SISTERHOOD is made for a whole range of occasions. The shoes feature the double heart icon in 3D on the toe and the MINNA MINNA logo embossed at the back.

SISTERHOOD feels as comfortable as it looks, thanks to a soft and bouncy sole that gives the wearer 3 cm of lift. It’s like wearing a heel whole you’re wearing a sneaker!

SISTERHOOD is made with chrome-free leathers. and as many plastics as possible have been replaced with more natural or recycled components. We also only use natural rubber soles to avoid micro plastics with every step.

We want to be open and transparent about how our shoes are made so that you know what you’re stepping into when you wear them. That’s why we’ve listed all the components that go into each pair of SISTERHOODs. We know it’s not perfect, but it’s way more than most.

Sisterhood Dust
Sisterhood Dust Sale price325 €